Many Pay4Bugs testers have asked us to offer an alternative to PayPal. Our testers would rather be earning money finding problems in Pay4Bugs customer projects before those bugs result in our customers losing revenue and harming their brand image, than wasting time dealing with cross-border PayPal payment issues.

We know our testers don’t like spending time going back and forth with PayPal support trying to get their earnings out of PayPal all while paying exorbitant exchange and wire fees to get their money into their home country anymore than we like watching them go through the process.

The answer to our tester’s PayPal and financial system woes is Bitcoin. We’re happy to announce that we support Bitcoin as a payout option for tester earnings effective immediately.

Bitcoin Payments Logo

For those that aren’t familiar with Bitcoin, it is the first decentralized digital currency. Transactions happen between users without any bank or financial institution to get in the way. Check out this short video introduction to Bitcoins:

Bitcoin works where PayPal doesn’t

We’ve increasingly found that testers in certain countries are unable to accept U.S. Dollar PayPal payments because of political disagreements between their (usually corrupt) governments and PayPal.

This is something we find unacceptable. If a tester earns money helping Pay4Bugs customers find problems with their products, we have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that the tester is paid.

Now testers can opt to have their monthly Pay4Bugs earnings sent to them in Bitcoin. We’ll convert their US Dollar earnings to Bitcoins at the USD/BTC rate on our payout day and send their coins immediately to the tester’s Bitcoin address. Testers can choose to keep their Bitcoins and sell them for the product, service, or currency of their choice.

Choosing to receive Bitcoin payout

Existing testers can choose to receive their earnings in Bitcoin by going to the Payment Settings section of their account, selecting Bitcoin as their payout method and entering a valid Bitcoin address.

Pay4Bugs Bitcoin Payout Settings

Want to earn some Bitcoins? Learn more about becoming a Pay4Bugs tester. Building a product that accepts Bitcoin and want to find bugs and security holes before your coins are stolen? Sign up for Pay4Bugs today and offer our testers a reward to find bugs in your product!

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