So I'm on Day 17, 18 days into my month-long daily blogging challenge. As I think about what topics to write about each day, it's become clearer to me what's easy to write about and what's hard. I've spent the past several years of my life in Bitcoin...first growing the community in Hong Kong and then building the Stacks ecosystem. As such, I have intimate knowledge, technical and social, and strong views about a wide range subjects in Bitcoin.

Writing about these topics is hard though. Why is that? Because I am so invested in the ecosystem and community, I'm very aware that if I take a controversial position on something, there's very likely someone I personally know and like, or might want to work with who might be offended or take it out of context. But who cares what other people think? Well it turns out I care. And I can't be the only one.

So I end up taking way more time to write something that might be perceived as controversial about things I'm invested in because I feel the need to think about every possible effect my writing may have. In contrast, it's easy to write about things only tangentially related to me. I guess you could say writing about easy things is easy and writing about hard things is hard!