There seem to be two major schools of thought in bitcoin. Both schools of thought say that you should buy and HODL as much bitcoin as possible. They differ with respect to their views on using bitcoin.

One school of thought says that you should only buy bitcoin and never use it. These people say that anyone trying to get you to use your bitcoin is a scammer. The second school of thought is that you should use bitcoin as much as possible: paying for things with bitcoin and building things that use bitcoin.

For bitcoin to succeed, we need bitcoin economic activity to be as widely distributed as possible. The ultimate goal should be for every single person to be an economic node on the network...running their own node and validating their own interpretation of the consensus rules. The bitcoin network effect needs to be as large as possible...accepted on every website, in every app and on every shop on every street across the world. We need to build a world where the places you can use your bitcoin are more than just a handful of easily regulated, centralized exchanges. A censorship-resistant currency that is only accepted at Binance and Coinbase isn't a very censorship-resistant...nor is it much of a currency!

As you can probably tell, I very much subscribe to the second school of thought. I am always happy...even pay for things in bitcoin when people request it. I am always willing to accept payment in bitcoin. This is not to say one should waste bitcoin, but that that one should treat it as money. In the short-term, economize your use of bitcoin...happily trade it for things of value...a item or service that you might need. It the long-term, try to build your wealth as measured in bitcoin.