There's a theory that says altcoins are actually experimental playgrounds for Bitcoin and that eventually all the good stuff - features, functions and behavior - developed on altcoins will find their way onto Bitcoin.

This is no longer just a theory, it is reality. It is a movement. Technologies on both Bitcoin L1 and L2 like Ordinals, Stacks and Lightning are bringing economic activity tested on altcoins, back home to where it belongs on Bitcoin.

Hong Kong-based Xverse is the leading Bitcoin wallet in this movement, and I'm thrilled to support them with an angel investment in their $5m seed round. I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Xverse founder Ken Liao since he joined us at Blockstack PBC (now called Hiro PBC). He's a brilliant engineer with impeccable product sense and a no-nonsense entrepreneur with an unmatched ability to execute. I've been an avid user of Xverse's mobile wallet from the beginning and was blown away by the speed of their execution this spring as the Xverse team staked out a leadership role in onboarding people to Ordinals and growing the Bitcoin community.

Very excited to see what the Xverse team has coming next! If you haven't tried it out, download Xverse and give it a try!

This is the zeroth post in a month long daily blogging habit that starts tomorrow. More on that tomorrow! Stay tuned!