While cleaning up after the Scaling Bitcoin workshops in Hong Kong on Monday, Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong co-founder Leonhard Weese had the forethought to save the podium’s logo from the trash. His idea was that we could collect signatures of workshop attendees and staff and create a token of the event to be passed down in the Hong Kong Bitcoin community.

Original location of the Scaling Bitcoin Genesis Block Hong Kong-based members of the planning committee
Creation of The Genesis Block was the brainchild of Leo Weese (yellow shirt, right)!

First, we marked the block with the most recently mined Bitcoin block number before asking local members of the organizing team who working hard to clean up the venue to sign the block. Next, we took the block to the closing reception at Cyberport’s The Podium and took turns carrying it around and asking workshop attendees to sign.

Workshop attendee signs The Genesis Block Larry and Jimmy pose with the Block and some orange juice
Asking conference attendees to sign The Genesis Block was a lot of fun. Who do you spot in these photos?

Video of The Genesis Block

Photos of The Genesis Block

Front of The Genesis Block Back of The Genesis Block
Front & back of The Genesis Blocks. Whose names do you recognize?
The Genesis Block by The Podium The Scaling Bitcoin sign
Signing of The Genesis Block happened at the Scaling Bitcoin closing reception at The Podium in Hong Kong.

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