I started the #WearAFuckingMask campaign in mid-March 2020, out of frustration that friends and family in the USA and Europe were not taking seriously the threat of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (aka "Coronavirus"). Authorities in much of the Western world were feeding their populations with misinformation telling them not to wear masks.

Previously, skeptical of masks myself, I created a single page site and social media graphics to explain my journey from mask denier to mask believer. The campaign used liberal quantities of profane language to shock viewers into action while also entertaining.

The campaign saw immediate traction in Hong Kong where there was brewing discontent among the majority ethnic-Chinese population over the perceived low rate of mask wearing by non-ethnic Chinese. The initial Twitter thread saw well over 1/2 million impressions while the movement was seen by an estimated 5-8 million people on Facebook.