My friend Karen and her business partner Andy have been hard at work introducing the concept of gourmet frozen yogurt to the Guangzhou consumer. Their brainchild, Yogurt Workshop, recently opened its first two stores in Guangzhou.

Yogurt Workshop offers 4 flavors of frozen yogurt, Original, Green Tea, Guava and Mango. I am a particularly big fan of Original and Green Tea flavors. Original flavor should not be confused with vanilla frozen yogurt. It actually tastes like real yogurt. (because it is) The Green Tea flavor is soft and subtle and perfectly compliments Yogurt Workshop's wide range of toppings, enhancing their flavor without drowning out their flavor with overwhelming sweetness.

green tea

Each cup of Yogurt Workshop frozen yogurt includes two free toppings. Toppings include a wide assortment of fruits, cookies and candies.  Orders to go are served in branded paper cups while orders for eat in are served in tasteful dishes with quality stainless silverware as seen in the picture to the left.

Yogurt Workshop is open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm at both its original location in the Tianhe YouYiCheng underground mall at the West entrance of TeeMall (Guangzhou Metro Tiyuxi Road Station) and its most recent new location at the Mayflower Mall on the level directly accessible from the Guangzhou Metro Gongyuanqian Metro station.  Both locations offer in store seating.

Yogurt Workshop frozen yogurt is also available on the dessert menus of select fine restaurants around Guangzhou.