Hi friends!

Long time no email!

Like many, I suffer from long-form post-anxiety..that is to say when I'm writing a long-form post, I'll feel anxious before posting it. Thoughts like "it's not good enough, people won't like it, it's not done yet, it's not perfect" will float around my mind causing me to delay and procrastinate on shipping a post until it never gets done. I'm trying to break the habit by shipping a post a day for the next month.

I don't want to overload your inbox with daily emails, so instead of daily emails, I'll send out an email once a week with links to posts from the past week. If you'd like to follow the posts as the came out, you can subscribe to my RSS feed or follow me on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Day 0: Investing in Web3 on Bitcoin
Why I’m excited to to support Xverse, the leading Bitcoin Web3 wallet, in their seed funding round.
Day 1: My daily blogging commitment
Welcome to Day 1 of my month-long public writing commitment. Follow along as I build a habit of writing and shipping in public.
Day 2: The slow train to Shenzhen is faster
The 112 year old slow train to Shenzhen is faster than high speed rail.
Day 3: Ohio is recruiting foreigners to vote
I’m not a citizen and Ohio is still recruiting me to vote.


Larry Salibra