In March 2020, as it became apparently Covid-19 was going to be a Big Deal for the whole world, I started a campaign to spread the word about the effectiveness of masks and advocate for their voluntarily adoption as a way to slow down the spread of the respiratory disease.

As part of the campaign, we sold t-shirts and other branded items through a Spreadshirt shop with the promise that we would donate earnings to charity.

I'm happy to share that with your support, we sold US$2,205.01 of t-shirts on which we earned US$529.47 in commissions.

US$202.12 of these earnings were from sales in the USA from which the US government stole (aka "Federal Tax Withheld") $48.51.

This leaves us with US$480.96 or HK$3,728 in after tax earnings to donate to charity.

I donated the earnings from our campaign along with some additional money for a total donation of HK$5,000 on behalf of our campaign to Sailability Hong Kong, a registered charity here in Hong Kong that does amazing work with physically and mentally disabled and other underprivileged people in our city.

In their own words:

Founded in 2009 and with our official opening day in 2010, 'Sailability Hong Kong' provides the opportunity for anyone with a disability (physical or intellectual) to learn to sail or have a water based experience. Whether aged 7 or above, we believe that sailing increases self-confidence, independence, responsibility and self-esteem whilst learning and having fun.

Thank you again for your support!