Hi friends!

I've finished week 3 of my month long writing challenge and am well into the final week. Below, find the new posts since my last email. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the one about Stacks being the Paypal Mafia of bitcoin was by far the most popular and generated the most interaction. My audience is largely bitcoin and Stacks related and token financial incentives work.

I'm still deciding if I'll continue this daily habit after the conclusion of the month. If I do, I'd probably separate these daily posts in away that makes it more clear that they are largely unedited, unresearched stream of conscious rambling as opposed to the carefully word-smithed, well-researched articles I've written in the past.

Would love to hear your thoughts. As always, thanks for reading!



Day 14: Behave like the society you want to live in
Hong Kongers’ kindness makes this a great place to live.
Day 15: Employer tax withholding is a scam
Employer tax withholding is a scam used to get people to pay heavy taxes without feeling the pain.
Day: 16 Diaspora have a bone to pick
Diaspora often have a bone to pick with their former homes...that’s often why they left...take their views with a grain of salt!
Day 17: Writing about hard things is hard!
Writing about topics in which I’m invested is hard.
Day 18: Stacks will be the Paypal mafia of Bitcoin
It’s incredibly motivational to see what Stacks OGs and the community are building!
Day 19: Why am I paying for you to read this?
Musings on the perverse incentive structure of the internet.
Day 20: Opting out of US healthcare and social security
I opted out of the US social ponzi scheme, but with that freedom comes responsibility.
Day 21: Americans have no idea how much better China’s infrastructure is
Frequent power outages were the norm growing up in the USA but almost never happened while living in China.
Day 22: A snow day in Hong Kong
A category 4-equivalent typhoon is pounding Hong Kong...but the city is calm and everything will be fine. How is that?
Day 23: Predictable natural disasters are not natural at all
Predictable natural disasters, are not natural at all, but the result of human choice.
Day 24: Laser-eyed HODLing alone is not enough
We need more than just HODLing to get to us to hyperbitcoinization.
Day 25: Crypto is the coordination business
Crypto is about tackling problems too big for one company to solve.
Day 26: Four questions I ask before starting new projects
When considering a new project, I first ask myself these four questions.
Day 27: Are airlines buses or experiences?
Airlines are unable to decide if they are in the transportation or the experience business.