Hi friends!

I wanted to share some recent posts with you.

I went to the Lightning conference held in Vietnam a couple weeks ago and wrote up a summary of my thoughts and takeaways:

Thoughts on LightningCon Vietnam 2023
Conference takeaways on Lightning UX, payment rails, routing and more!

I also recently created a proposal for bringing globally unique names to the decentralized social network protocol Nostr:

Bringing Names to Nostr
A proposal to use BNS names as globally unique names for Nostr and an implementation in an iOS client.

Check out my recent podcast appearances on Nostrovia:

and the Built on Bitcoin podcast:

E111: Nostr, BNS, and the Decentralized Future with Larry Salibra - Founder of New Internet Labs
The potential for a truly user-owned internet is becoming closer than ever with new protocols like Nostr and decentralized identity systems like BNS.La…

Finally, as many of you know, I am an avid sailor. Some updates on that front:

I'm proud to share that I recently passed my RYA Yachtmaster Offshore exam - one of the top credentials in the leisure marine industry. Photos here: https://twitter.com/larrysalibra/status/1633667889990606849

I also had the opportunity to interview one of the most famous Youtube sailors, Brian Trautman of SV Delos on behalf of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. You can watch the full interview here:

Until next time!