Hi friends!

We are wrapping up week two of my month-long daily writing challenge. Posts from Day 4 through Day 13 are linked below. If you missed the first four posts, you can find them here in the previous email.

I feel like I'm really getting into the habit of writing daily and quickly. I'm also cognizant that the results are not as good as a post I might put a dozen hours into and perhaps not as worthy of the audience's time. I think there's a place for both types of writing though. I think of these as my daily thoughts - more of an online diary - as opposed to a researched and wordsmithed article.

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Day 4: The skipper does not drive the boat
To be skipper means finding good crew and delegating.
Day 5: Apple keeps deleting my games and music
The captain has turned off the seatbelt sign and my downloaded music is gone. What gives?
Day 6: The intelligent investor was banned from owning gold
The intelligent investor was banned from owning the most ancient of asset classes and he thought it was funny.
Day 7: iPad Mini as an eBook reader
Ditch your Kindle, get an iPad Mini...the perfect eBook reader.
Day 8: America is not knowing how much you’re going to pay
The paradox of a free market where no one knows the price.
Day 9: Stop trying to make Bitcoin in brick & mortar happen
Bitcoin in brick & mortar has failed. The Lightning community should stop wasting time chasing in person payments.
Day 10: 1 year of Duolingo Italian
Looking back on a year of Duolingo Italian. Have I learned anything?
Day 11: Online vs offline in person payments
In person payment systems that require users to be online fall apart when the network stops working. A hotpot experience.
Day 12: Hot and not bitcoin technologies
An informal poll of a Hong Kong ordinals meetup about which bitcoin tech is interesting and which is not.
Day 13: Rent seeking medical tests
I’m dreaming of a world where medical tests are cheap and automated.